How to Use a Palm Nailer?

Where the hammer or the big nailers cannot reach the palm nailers can easily reach there. It is very small that it can fit within your palm and so it is named a palm nailer. Though it is smaller in size it is not weaker in strength. You can drive a nail at a thunder-fast pace using a palm nailer.

In this article, we will discuss the process of using a palm nailer. Since palm nailers are lightweight you can work for a longer time if you use this tool.

How to Use a Palm Nailer

6 Steps to Use a Palm Nailer

Step 1: Go Through the Manual

Go Through the Manual

After purchasing a tool it is very important to go through the manual that comes with the tool. If you do not read the manual thoroughly you may miss many important facts that you should know. You will find the working mechanism and the method of using the nailer in the manual.

So, ignoring reading the manual is risky, and reading it thoroughly helps you to master the job. You also become familiar with the tool.

Step 2: Wear the Safety Gear

Wear the Safety Gear

Safety is the first priority for any kind of power tool. Before starting working with the palm nailer wear the earbuds as the nailer will make high noise during nailing. For the protection of your face wear a tight helmet.

Step 2: Power Up the Nailer

Power Up the Nailer

Turning on the start switch you can power up the palm nailer if it is a cordless palm nailer. The cordless palm nailers are run by battery and they are less powerful than the corded version. The quality of the battery is an important matter of consideration for a cordless palm nailer. So, the battery should be of good quality.

The corded palm nailers use air compressors. So, you have to hook it up to the air compressor to power it up.

Step 3: Use the Tool in Right Posture

Use the Tool in Right Posture

You should stand a bit away from the palm nailer. If you work sitting in a place then your face should be at a little distance from the nailer. You may have to apply a little bit of force during nailing. So your body should be in a comfortable posture.

Step 4: Hold the Tool with Strong Grip

Hold the Tool with Strong Grip

You should hold it with enough grip because a secure grip assures fast nailing. The nose of the nailer should be faced outside during driving nails.

Some palm nailers come with a hand strap which secures the tool with your palm. It is better to choose a palm nailer that comes with a hand strap.

Step 5: Fit the Nails in the Magazine

Fit the Nails in the Magazine

The magazine of the palm nailer is designed in such a way that you have to fit the nails in the magazine manually. Choosing the nails of the right size for your work you have to fit those in the magazine manually. So, it is wise to keep the nails in the hand so that you can fit those in the magazine easily and quickly.

You will find a magnetic tip on the nail where you have to place the pinhead. It holds the nail nicely to feed into holes.

Step 6: Start Driving the Nails

Start Driving the Nails

Now, position the tool to the place where you need to drive the nails. Push down the nailer and drive the nails inside the material.

Final Thought

Sometimes you may find that a slight nail head has remained on the nail surface. You need to do manual hammering to solve this problem and to give final finishing to your work. This is not so hard.

The nail users claim that one can achieve better accuracy with a palm nail gun. These are more lightweight than the regular nail gun. So, you can carry your tool easily.  Yes, loading the nails in the magazine manually is a boring task but compared to the benefits you are enjoying I think you will not feel it irritating.

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