Nail Gun Safety

Nail guns are power tools and the risks of accidents are associated with every powerful tool. You may become a skilled nail gun user but skill does not eliminate the possibility of occurring accidents.

Nail guns are frequently used by professional workers. The serious DIYers and many homeowners also use this device for easy and fast fastening purposes.

If you own a nail gun you should know how to use nail guns in a proper way, how to avoid mistakes and the safety equipment you need to wear during using nail guns.  All these are part of nail gun safety. So, to give you complete guidance to ensure nail gun safety we will talk about all these matters.

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9 Important Tips to Ensure Nail Gun Safety

Nail gun injuries can happen due to accidental discharge of nail from double fire, missing the workpiece during operating the nail gun, improper position of the nails, and nail ricochetting after striking a hard surface. To avoid these risk factors following cautions should be taken:

  1. Check whether the nail gun you are using meets all applicable guarding standards set by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)
  2. Before using the nail gun read the instruction guide provided by the manufacturer and never try to modify or circumvent a safety feature even if you are an expert.
  3. Operate the nail gun wearing safety glasses with side shields.
  4. Wear hand gloves to protect your hands from being injured.
  5. Keep your fingers away from the nail gun when it is not driving nails.
  6. Do not do the maintenance work keeping the gun connected.
  7. It is safe to use a sequential gun that needs both the trigger and the nose to be depressed before firing the nails.
  8. Do not keep yourself and your free hand in the line of fire.
  9. Watch out for the co-workers or other men or animals behind the nailing surface.

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Final Thought

Every year hundreds of people lose organs or die due to the injury caused by nail guns. A combination of safe work practice and personal protective equipment can decrease the risk of accidents caused by nail guns.

To decrease the rate of injury some manufacturers manufacture their nail guns with a sequential trip system. This kind of nail gun requires pressing and releasing the trigger every time you want to fire a nail.

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