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Nothing is more annoying than your nail gun leaving your side in the middle of a tedious project. Yet, having some patience might help. Common issues include nail jamming, broken O-Ring, damaged battery, and so on. Hold your horses till the end of this article, and repairing your Paslode nail gun will be a breeze.

Paslode nail gun repair

Paslode Nail Gun Problems and Solutions

Paslode nail guns are manufactured to withstand working conditions. But machines are not manufactured to use perennially. Here are some reasons for your nailer to stop working as it used to. I organized them in such a way that you find the repairing methods right after the troubleshooting.

Paslode Nail Guns Won’t Fire

Misfiring is the most common problem of the Paslode nail gun that we most commonly experience. There is no one cause in particular of this problem.

Nail Jams

Sometimes nail jams impede the nails from moving forward. Furthermore, dirt and other stuff can get stuck inside the nailer, which causes misfiring. If this happens, your first liability is to clean the jams. 

Clean Nail Gun

Empty Gas Fuel Cell

If your gas fuel cell is empty or out-of-date, it causes the nails not firing issue. Moreover, if the fuel cell is not attached accurately, the fasteners may not get into the wood properly. In this case, repair the fuel cell or else remove the entire fuel cell if necessary. 

Wrong Fasteners

Choose suitable nails for your nail gun. Otherwise, wrong fasteners get stuck into the magazine and impede them from moving forward. 

Need to be Cleaned

If you use your nail gun on a daily basis, it needs to be cleaned regularly. Otherwise, small dirt from the job site pollutes the magazine that causes misfiring. 

The Nails Gun Makes Strange Noise 

Sometimes your nail gun may make a strange sound. There is nothing to worry about. Your machine is absolutely alright, and it needs some repairing only. 

A damaged motor can be the cause of this strange noise. Besides, if the fan is broken or hits against something inside the machine, it causes a weird sound. To cast aside the problem, repair the motor and fan or replace them on demand. 

Replace Fan If Necessary 

The Nail Gun’s Firing Pin Is Bent

If your nail gun dropped somehow, the firing pin might get bent. Besides, if you use incompatible fasteners for your nail gun, it may also bend the pin. To get rid of this problem, check out whether any damage took place or not during the drop. If any damage occurred, replace the damaged part. Make sure you use compatible fasteners to avoid such problems in the first place.

Broken O-Ring

The next most common problem of the Paslode nail gun is broken, damaged, or worn O-Ring. The O-Ring is generally located near the head valve. It seals the air from leaking. When the O-Ring gets damaged or worn somehow, it causes air leaking. If you are affirmative about this being the issue, removing the O-Ring will most likely solve things. 

However, you have to keep one thing in mind. When you remove the O-Ring for some reason and do not put it back correctly, it might hamper the work efficiency.

Damaged Battery Contacts

While inserting and removing the battery of the Paslode Nail Gun, the contacts may have gotten bent. Sometimes, it can be as minor as the battery contacts being covered in dirt or dust. Besides, the contacts can be suffering from corrosion, such as from water damage. 

If you use non-compatible batteries, it may not deliver the same performance. It can even degrade the power efficiency, causing poor performance even after inserting new batteries. Repair the battery contacts or replace the batteries entirely to combat this problem.

Handle Light Flashing 

Sometimes the light on the handle of the nail gun is flashing red and green. It indicates that there may have been some problem with the nailer. An unstable motor is the main reason for flashing the red and green light on the handle. This alert points that you have to either repair or replace the motor.

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An electrical fault may cause the lights to blink as well. When the circuit board becomes outdated or has loose wire connections, it makes the light blink or permanently change color. Find a professional to repair the circuit board or tighten the wiring connection to get things back to normal.

Frequently Asked Question

How often should you service a Paslode nail gun?

How often you should service your Paslode nail gun depends on your usage. Generally, Paslode recommends cleaning and lubricating your nailer every 50,000 shots. But it is not definite. If you use your nail gun in a dirty environment or at high nailing speeds for an extended period, it needs to be cleaned earlier than the regular requirement.

How do you take apart a Paslode nail gun?

Remove the battery from the bottom of the gun by pressing the release button. After that, empty the nail clip by pulling the nail feed down. Release the flip catch on the gas canister restraint on the rear of the gun and remove the gas canister. 


It turns out that repairing your Paslode nail gun is not much of a difficult task. Knowing how to keep your patience is more important than knowing how to mend it. If you are an amateur, it is forgivable to mess things up. 

Just be careful during the repair process to make up for the mistakes. But never try repairing unless you have some DIY knowledge. Do call a professional instead.

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  1. I have a paslode impact framing gun. One of the 2 screws that hold the nail depth adjustment mechanism in place has broken and part of the screw is stuck in the hole. How can I get it out and replace the screw or do I need to order a new piece?

    1. It is unclear from your comment if the side of your depth adjustment plate has broken or not. If it has and you have the screw stuck, try unscrewing it gently. Do not apply pressure. And yes, you will have to order a new plate for your Paslode Impact Nail Gun. You can contact your nearest dealer and they will supply you with the replacement parts.

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