How to Unjam a Staple Gun (Arrow T50, Heavy Duty, Hammer Stapler, Electric Staple Gun)

To solve this unjamming issue in your staple gun, first, slide the pusher rod out. Then unclip the magazine where all the staples get installed. Now use a needle nose stapler to pull out the stuck nails. And once they are out, reassemble the staple gun. And do not forget to unplug the staple gun before you start unjamming to avoid injuries.

How to Unjam a Staple Gun

How to Unjam Any Type of Staple Gun

Staple guns come with a design to replace your regular hammer and mallets. And it allows you to fire a lot of staples pretty quickly. But this mighty tool can also face issues like jamming and disrupting your working flow.

But unjamming your staple gun is not as hard as you can think. All you need is a screwdriver and needle-nose pliers. Besides, follow the user manual for both fixing this issue and avoiding such problems.

How to Unjam an Arrow T50 Staple Gun

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Arrow T50 is a trendy staple gun built for both heavy-duty and lightweight users. Also, this unit comes at a pretty reasonable price. Although the design and built quality are rather satisfying, you can still face the jamming issue if you use them. It is too frequent. Here we are mentioning the easiest way to solve that problem. 

Step 1: Remove the Screw

To remove the screw, you have to use a screwdriver and pliers at the same time. Firstly, grab the bolt tightly with the pliers. And on the other side, use the screwdriver and remove it.

Step 2: Unclip the Magazine

Once the screw is removed, unclip the magazine where the staples are stuck. When you staple too frequently with your Arrow T50 staple gun, sometimes not all the pins can get discharged at the same time. Now use a needle’s nose pliers and softly remove the jammed nails.

Now that you are done unjamming, reassemble the magazine and put the screw back in its place, and tighten it with the pliers and the screwdriver.

How to Unjam a Heavy-Duty Staple Gun

Before you start unjamming your pneumatic heavy-duty staple gun, be sure to disconnect the air compressor from it. Also, turn the safety lock on to avoid any misfires.

Step 1: Slide the Pusher Rod Out

To unjam your staple gun, you will have to slide out its pusher rod. This rod is usually made of metal and has got a spring in it. And the spring generates tension to push the staples toward the gun’s chamber. 

Usually, the rod is connected to the gun case by a simple knob. So you can just grab the pusher rod and pull it out.

Step 2: Take Out the Magazine

To take out the magazine, you will need a screwdriver and pliers. Now there should be a screw at the bottom of the stapler. Use the screwdriver and the pliers to remove that screw. Once the screw is removed, the magazine should slide out of the staple gun without any issue.

Step 3: Clear Out the Jammed Staples

As the magazine and the pusher rod are removed, look at the top of your staple gun from where the staples are usually discharged. Now use the needle nose pliers and pull out the stuck pins. 

Once all your stuck staples are out, reassemble the staple gun. First, re-insert the magazine and tighten the screw. Then slide the pusher rod in and attach it to the gun case. Finally, before you start working with them again, try and test your gun in paper or wood.

How to Unjam an Electric Staple Gun

Turn off and disconnect the electric staple gun from the power socket before you start working on unjamming. And if your tool has a safety lock feature in it, turn that on.

Step 1: Remove the Magazine

To remove the magazine of your staple gun, pull the release lever on. Now unclip the magazine from the gun case.

Step 2: Remove the Staples

In your electric staple gun, there are two places where the staples usually get stuck. Some pins get stuck in the middle of the magazine as they fail to leave the magazine properly. Sometimes they crash on each other when you staple too frequently. So, if you see any of this sort, remove them with needles and nose pliers.

However, most of the time, the staples get stuck in the discharge area. Use needle-nose pliers to remove them and do it gently as you might cause damage to the staple gun in this process. Once you are done removing the stuck staples, just reassemble the staple gun.

How to Unjam a Hammer Stapler

Step 1: Remove the Pusher Rod

If you hold your hammer stapler at your eye level, you will see a metal base at the bottom. Now keep that base and pull out the pusher rod and remove it.

Step 2: Remove the Pin From the Hammer

The pin should be on the bottom of your hammer stapler. Now use a screwdriver to remove the pin and slide it out.

Step 3: Unclip the Magazine

Now that you have removed the pin, slide out the magazine as well. Check the magazine if there are any staples stuck in it. Then pull out the jammed staples from the magazine with the help of needle nose staples. 

Why Does the Stapler Gun Keep Jamming?

There can be two reasons why you have this jamming issue. One of them is that you fire staples too quickly with your staple gun. And when you do, the pins do not get enough time to get discharged. 

So they get jammed on top of each other and disrupt your working flow. To avoid such an incident, slow down and wait for a bit before firing another staple.

The second reason is that you might be using inappropriate staples. Your staple gun is designed for a specific size of staples. If you use any wrong staple dimensions, there is a huge possibility that the nails might get stuck. So use the compatible pins to be free from this issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I oil my stapler for unjamming?

You can lubricate your staple gun if you want. But excess lubrication might cause dust issues. Instead, you can use white vinegar or WD40 to clean it, and that might allow the moving parts in your staple gun to move freely.

What is a crown stapler used for?

Crown staplers come in handy in the specific and skillful usage for upholstery purposes. For both fabrics and woods, these types of staplers work just fine. 


Staple guns might be one of the most influential and versatile power tools when it comes to bonding work. But still, they can malfunction. To avoid such a case, follow the user manual and use the proper sizes of staples as recommended. Do not let these simple jamming issues be the barrier to stopping you from achieving your goals.

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