How to Load an Arrow Staple Gun (With a Video Guide)

To load an Arrow staple gun, first, bring out the pressure rod on the back of your stapler. Then insert the staples and reinsert the pusher rod. Though the procedure is somewhat the same for most of the Arrow staple guns, it might vary a little according to each model. And don’t forget to turn the power off before you start loading the gun.

How to Load an Arrow Staple Gun (Arrow T50 Staple Gun)

Most of the professional staple guns are a bit pricey as they can do all sorts of heavy-duty and industrial tasks. And the most inexpensive ones are more suitable for lightweight stapling like attaching paper or fabric to a wood board.

Luckily, Arrow Fastener is producing staple guns that are somewhere between these two types. Whether it is an electric, pneumatic, or manual staple gun by Arrow Fastener, you can use them for most of your household and DIY projects. Besides, they are easy to use and loading and repairing them is just a snap.

Before starting to load your Arrow T50 stapler, it is better to read the user manual and its features. Also, do not forget to use the appropriate sizes of staples. Otherwise, that might cause jamming and misfiring issues. And if you are working with thick materials for heavy-duty repairing, use the larger staples that will penetrate through the surface.

Step 1: Bring out the pusher rod

To slide your staples in your staple gun and load it, you have to pull out the pusher rod first. The pusher rod has got a spring in it that creates tension to generate enough force to discharge the staples. 

In your T50 staple gun, the pusher rod is located at the bottom. You can just press down the back of your staple gun. And this way the pusher rod will be unlocked. Now slide the pusher out and keep it aside.

Step 2: Insert the New Staples

Now that the pusher rod is removed, slide the new staple row into the magazine to the front. And make sure that the legs of the staples are facing downward.

Step 3: Reinsert the Pusher Rod

Once the staples are in, reinsert the pusher rod and lock the back of it by pressing it a little bit downward.

Step 4: Test as It Is Okay or Not

If you have followed these simple steps, the gun is reloaded. But before you get back to work, do not forget to test the staples on a piece of paper or wood.

How to Load Arrow T50ACD Electric Staple Gun

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Arrow T50ACD is popular among the professionals because of its compact and lightweight design and more importantly, ease of use. The key difference between the Arrow T50 staple gun and the Arrow T50ACD is that the T50 is a manual staple gun and the T50ACD is powered by electricity.

However, the other features, design, and working procedures are quite similar to each other. And this T50ACD has a convenient bottom-load magazine that makes reloading easier for you. Following are the steps for loading staples in your Arrow T50ACD electric staple gun.

Step 1: Unplug the Staple Gun

On the back of your T50ACD staple gun, there is a power switch. Before you start to load your gun, be sure to turn that off or just simply unplug it.

Step 2: Open the Magazine

Now hold the staple gun upside down. Then press the quick-release lever and pull out the channel of the magazine.

Step 3: Insert the Staples

As the magazine is opened, take the new staples row and insert it in the magazine chamber ensuring that the legs of the staples are facing upward.

Step 4: Close the Magazine

Now that you have inserted the staples, close the magazine. Make sure that the magazine is locked. Once you are done, plugin or turn your staple gun on. Now test your tool on a piece of wood and if everything is okay, you are good to go.

How to load the TruTac Stapler

TruTac staple gun also known as TT21 by Arrow Fastener is a manual staple gun that is suitable for your lightweight home projects. Arrow Fastener has released another heavy-duty staple gun known as the TruTac Heavy Duty Staple Gun (TT50) that has lots of similarities with the TT21 staple gun.

So if you know how to load TT21, it’ll be just a piece of cake for you to load the heavy-duty one as well. Here we are talking about how you can load this TruTac staple gun most simply.

Step 1: Release the Magazine

As the TruTac staple gun has got a bottom load magazine, hold the tool upside down to load the staple. Now lift the black clip on the back of the staple gun up and this should let you release the magazine.

Step 2: Insert the Staples

As you have held the tool upside down, keep the staple row in a way that the legs are facing upward while inserting the staples.

Step 3: Close the Magazine

After inserting the staples, push the magazine back in its place and lock it. you will hear a clicking sound if the magazine is closed perfectly. Now that you are done loading, test the stapler before you start working again.

Why Unloading Your Arrow Staple Gun Is Important!

While you are working on a big project, you might have to load your staple gun more than once. But when you are done for the day or have finished that particular job, it is good for your stapler to be unloaded in the end. There are multiple reasons behind this.


If your staple gun has got a spring that generates tension for you to do the stapling, it might get worn out if you keep the staples on the tool even after you are done. So if you keep doing this for a long period, the spring might not generate the same pressure as it did when you first bought it.

And if the spring is worn out, you will face issues like jamming or no firing at all. 


Now if you have got kids back at your home, it is always risky for you if you keep the extra staples loaded on the tool. 

So you can just unload the staples when you are done. And don’t worry. You don’t need a full row of staples to install in your staple gun. Though this might cause you some extra effort, you can save a little money with it.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Can I use any staples for my Arrow T50 stapler?

No, according to the manufacturer Arrow T50 stapler works with T50 staples only. But if you have staple a specific size of a staple, be sure that it goes with your staple gun. Otherwise, it might cause jamming and sometimes, the stapler gets damaged physically.

  • Can I put staples in a brad nailer?

It depends on if your brad nailer is compatible with that particular staple or not. Some of the versatile brad nailers work with both staples and brad nailers. So if your one supports that, you are good to go.


Loading staples is not a tough task at all. But if you are new to this, you have to learn the right way to do this job. So reading the user manual will help you understand your tool. And if you follow these easy steps mentioned above, loading should not be an issue for you.

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