How to Fix a Staple Gun Spring

When the spring in your staple gun is worn out, it would be best for you to replace it with a new one. But before replacing it, test the spring and check its condition. Mostly it’s either hammer clogging or trigger stiffening issue that results in this context. Cleaning and lubricating serve the best in most scenarios.

how to fix a staple gun spring

Besides, if you make up your mind to replace the old spring, first, open up the staple gun. Then unhook the staple gun from the pusher rod and the case. Afterward, attach the new spring and reassemble the weapon. Let’s discuss this in detail.

How to Fix a Staple Gun Spring

To generate enough pressure to fire staples, your staple gun needs to create enough tension. And the spring here plays a vital role in developing force by creating tension if only the spring is in good condition. If the spring is worn out, you might face issues like staples not being delivered, recurrent blockage, bent fasteners, and so on. So you will need to know how to fix a stapler spring one way or another.

Before getting into the fixing, you have to check what your spring condition is.

Test the Spring

To test your spring, open up your staple gun. Now slide the spring and let it go. The spring should hit the bar with a good amount of force. And it does not and react a little slowly, and you might need to replace it.

If you replace the Spring

Find out the correct replacement part for your specific model from the manufacturer. Once you get the right amount, follow these simple steps to replace the spring most easily.

Step 1: Open Up the Machine

Firstly, open the staple gun up and bring out the spring mechanism.

Step 2: Unhook the Spring

Now unhook its spring from the pressure rod. To do so, you might have to use needle-nose pliers. And sometimes, you just need to remove a tiny screw. Then unhook the spring from the staple gun case itself in the same way. 

Step 3: Attach the New Spring

To add the new spring, attach one side of the spring to the staple gun casing fist. After that, connect the spring to the pusher rod. And if you think you have to straighten the curves or the bents, do it. This might increase the tension. Then fasten the joints in the gun, and that should impart better support.

Now reassemble the staple gun. And this should make bring back the efficiency of the staple gun if there is no other major issue.

How to Fix the ‘Clogged Hammer’ Issue of a Staple Gun

Every staple gun is compatible with staples of specific sizes. When buying a new staple gun, you must check what kind of staples you can use with your new tool. Now, if you do not know that and use a pin of the wrong size, it might just get clogged. It might not sound significant, but to fix the stapler spring, everything should be brought into consideration.

If you have a clogged hammer issue, the ineffectiveness should worry you as it will slow you down and give you a bad experience of stapling. So follow this simple method mentioned down below to get rid of this issue:

Step 1: Open the staple gun

First of all, open up the staple gun. And then press the stapler’s head down to skim the hammer. This way, the hammer must slide down without any complications.

Step 2: Clean up and Lubricate

Now you have to clean the whole mechanism part by part. To dislodge any obstacle, you may have to use a screwdriver. Besides, white vinegar or WD-40 can be an excellent option to de-grease and clean up all the dirt. 

Afterward, you have to lubricate that hammer and ease the tension. Now take the necessary steps to eliminate all sorts of corrosion.

Step 3: Reassemble the staple gun

Now that you have gone through all that cleaning and lubricating, your staple gun should work smoothly. Reassemble and test the staple gun before you start working with it.

How to Fix the ‘Hard to Pull Trigger’ Issue of a Staple Gun

If you are using a manual staple gun, you have to exert enough force by your hand to generate pressure in a staple gun. But in a pneumatic staple gun, there is an air compressor to do this work. So, if your staple gun has hard to pull-trigger issue, you might face hand fatigue while you are in it.

Besides, not everyone can generate enough force for this task. There might be many reasons behind this. Such as poor handle design, rust, corrosion, design or manufacturer flaws, wear and tear and so on. To solve this hard-to-pull trigger issue, try these easy steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Work on the Grip of the Handle

As the handle design and the grip plays a vital role here, try to improve the hold of the hand of your staple gun. Besides, you can try to lengthen the handle of your particular unit.

Step 2: Lubricate Moving parts

As the staple gun might get jammed, lubricating can be a great option here. So you can lubricate all the moving parts of your unit. This should help you smoothen the mechanism and give you a better experience of stapling.

Step 3: Eliminate Corrosion

If you use your staple gun for an extended period, the handle might have corrosion or rust issues. In that case, these can be the main reason behind this hard-to-pull trigger issue. So, using white vinegar to eliminate corrosion is an excellent solution to this problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the spring in a stapler work?

The spring creates tension and forces your staple cartridge to the dispensing head. Now when you press the trigger in your manual staple gun or press the lever in your electric or pneumatic staple gun, the hammer gets forced and pushes staples in a specific direction.

Why is my staple gun not firing?

Some critical parts like the spring, rail, and hammer need to be in great shape and assembled perfectly. So, if these parts are worn out or damaged physically, you will not be able to fire staples smoothly.

Why is my staple gun not working?

Your staple gun might not be working because there is a stray staple jamming the spring system. Simply take the spring pusher rod out of the stapler. You will need to unscrew it from the bottom of the stapler. And then use a needle nose plier to extract the stray staple from the inside of your stapler. It will work fine afterward. 

What to do if an arrow staple gun is jammed?

If you have a jammed arrow staple gun, the first thing you have to do is take out the bottom of the gun. You can do it by simply pushing the bottom part downwards and it will come out easily. Next, take a screwdriver and a plier to take out the magazine screw.

At this point, you will be able to take out the magazine. Use a pointy end tool like a screwdriver to extract the jammed stray staple. And put it back together and you will have your arrow staple gun working again. 

How to fix a spring?

If you are thinking about fixing or reforming your spring, you should know that metal springs are formed by heat-treating alloy or carbon steel wires. To fix them, there is a method of treating them with 500 degrees F or heat. Which seems legit as heat fixes everything.

But in the case of a metal spring, you won’t be able to fix or reform it back to its original state in this manner. The best option would be to buy a replacement rather than spend time on this.


When you are opening up a staple gun, make sure that the tool is turned off. Just disconnect the power connection or the air compressor. Besides, turn the safety lock on to avoid any misfiring. Lastly, to prevent any kind of staple gun issue, be sure to use the correct sizes of staples and follow the user manual before you start working.

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