How Does a Palm Nailer Work?

Based on the size and the power options palm nailer has a lot of variety. The mini-sized palm nailers can work on 6d to 16d whereas the bulk size palm nailers can work on 5d to 70d.

Based on the power option the palm nailers can be categorized into 2 types – electric palm nailer and the pneumatic palm nailer. The electric palm nailers are less powerful than pneumatic palm nailers and their working mechanism also varies.

In this article, we will discuss the basic working mechanism of both the electric and pneumatic nail guns.

How Does a Plam Nailer Work

How Does an Electric Palm Nailer Work?

Electric palm nailers are run by the power of electricity. You can either plug it into the socket or you can also use a battery. The battery should be of good quality if you use battery power to run your nail gun. The electric palm nailers are not as strong as the pneumatic palm nailers.

How Does an Electric Palm Nailer Work

How Does a Pneumatic Palm Nailer Work?

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A pneumatic palm nailer uses an air compressor as the source of power. You have to hook up the cord with the air compressor to use the compressed air to run the nail gun. The pneumatic palm nailers are the strongest palm nailers with which you can drive nails into a surface with great speed.

How Does a Pneumatic Palm Nailer Work

Final Verdict

If you have a general knowledge of nail guns you must know about other pneumatic or electric nail guns. The palm nail guns also work in the same way.

Since these are small and can fit inside your palm these are not as speedier as the regular size nail gun. They also work as a regular nail gun but to a smaller extent. Unlike other nail guns, the nails are not uploaded to the magazine automatically rather you have to feed the nails in the magazine manually.

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