Palm Nailer Vs Nail Gun (Differences and Comparison)

Palm nailers and normal-sized nail guns both are nail guns. The main difference is in their size which makes people confused and they search with the keyword palm nailer vs nail gun. This is the reason for the headline of our article.

The palm nailers are very small in size that can fit in your palm. The working mechanism of a palm nailer is alike a regular nail gun. Both pneumatic and electrical palm nailers are available in the market like regular nail guns.


Palm Nailer Vs Nail Gun (Differences and Comparison)

Since the palm nailers are small in size you can work in an extremely tight place with these. Yes, the regular nail guns also allow you to work in a tight site but that site must be bigger compared to the tight site where a palm nailer can fit. The palm nailers do not take up as much space as a regular nail gun in your toolbox.

The palm nail guns are more lightweight than the regular size nail gun. So, you do not have to be a very strong person to use a palm nailer. Because of its lightweight, you will enjoy some more advantages. For example – you can work with a palm nailer for a long time without getting tired; it is easier to transport from one place to another than a regular nail gun.

The palm nailers are best suited for light-duty work, they are not fit for heavy-duty work. For heavy-duty work, you have to go for the regular nail gun. The regular nail guns have more variety than the palm nailers and each variety has some sub-varieties too.

Here is a list of some common regular nail guns –

  1. Framing nail gun
  2. Flooring nail gun
  3. Roofing nail gun
  4. Siding nail gun
  5. Brad nail gun
  6. Finish nail gun
  7. Pin Nail guns

If I want to tell details about the regular nail gun then the size of the article will be very big and I do not know when I will be able to finish the article. My purpose is to eradicate your confusion between the palm nailer and the nail gun and I already have provided enough information to differentiate the palm nailer from the nail gun. So, I am stopping here. Have a good day.

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