Cap Nailer Vs Cap Stapler (Differences)

The popularity of cap tools is increasing day by day. The cap protects the surface area and thereby the longevity of the tool increases. To protect your tool from the harsh condition of the weather the cap helps a lot.

So, to increase productivity professionals are preferring to add cap nailers or cap staplers to their arsenal.


Cap Nailer Vs Cap Stapler- All You Need to Know

If you are looking for cap nailers you will find a couple of options to choose from. The Stinger CN100 is a popular cap nailer among contractors. Installing the roof, sidewall, and insulation board is some of the common applications of the cap nailer.

The cap staplers also have a couple of options available to choose from. Senco’s BC58 cap button stapler, Hitachi’s N3808AP cap stapler, Pneu Tools Rap-A-Cap 58 (RC-58), the Stinger brand cap staplers including CH38-2 (manual fire), CH38A (autofire), and CS150 (replaced by the CS 150B) (air-powered) cap tools are some of the popular cap staplers among the professional users.

While purchasing a cap nailer or cap stapler, one should consider its weight and balance, whether it is manual or auto-firing, and its maneuverability. The manual cap staplers are lightweight and smaller in size. So, you can maneuver it easily. On the other hand, pneumatic cap staplers are bulkier than manual cap staplers.

For working with house wrap or underlayment the use of a manual slap stapler is decreasing day by day and it is replaced by the cap nailer or cap stapler.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is more versatile a cap nailer or a cap stapler?

When it comes to application versatility, the cap stapler takes the lead. It can allow you to do different types of work. On the other hand, the cap nailer is used for some specific application works.

Is there any cap stapler that can use both brad nails and staples?

Yes, you can use Ryobi crown stapler to use both brad nails and staples. A Ryobi crown stapler can hold up to 84 staples or 100 brad nails magazines.

Is it OK to use staples for roof underlayment?

Yes, you can use staples roof underlayment without any problem.

Can I use a cap stapler without the caps?

No, you can’t. You will need both staples and caps for using a cap stapler.


It is a common question between a cap nailer and a cap stapler – which one is best?

Well, for us, it is a tough question to answer. We cannot mention one as the best. Based on the material, surface, and fastening requirements, you have to decide whether a staple or nail is best suited to your project.

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