Clipped Head Vs Round Head Nailer | Key Differences

The clipped-head nailers use clipped-headed nails, and the round-headed nailers use round-headed nails in their magazine. The main difference between the clipped-head nails and the round-head nails remains in the design of the nail head.

You may wonder why you have to focus on tiny details, but many people think that one should focus on tiny details to make one work perfect. Each type of nailer has some benefits and downsides. You have to focus on which type is meeting the requirements of your project most.

Since the difference is made based on the difference in the design of the nails used in the nailer magazine, it is necessary to study the nails too. I will discuss the difference between the nails first and then will make a comparison between the nailers.


What is a Round Head Nail

The round head nails are standard nails that are available everywhere. It has a higher holding power and is compatible with the building codes. 

The round head nails are either plastic-collated or wire-weld-collated. While driving the nails, the remainder of the retainer plastic or wire may cause you injury. So, wearing a safety guard is a must.

Flagging problem is very common among round head nails. Flagging means defects caused by bits of plastic or wire retainers entering into the workpiece along with the nail.

What is a Clipped Head Nail

Clipped head nails have a D-shaped head, so they are often called D-shaped nails. The nails are paper collated which ensures safety. The clipped head nails have less holding power than the round head nails, and they are not suitable for roofing or sheathing work.

Key Differences – Clipped Head Nailers Vs Round Head Nailers

Nail Holding Capacity

The nail-holding capacity depends on the style of arranging the nails in the magazine. In a clipped head nailer, the flat end of the nails is placed next to each other, saving more space.

In a round-head nailer, the heads of the nails occupy full width, leading to more space. So, the nail-holding capacity of a clipped head nailer is more than the round head nailer.


The clipped head nailers are more compact than the round head nailers. So, you can work in a narrow place more comfortably with a clipped head nailer than a round head nailer.


The clipped head nailer is more lightweight than the round head nailer. You can work for a long time without feeling tired with a clipped head nailer.


The round head nailers are either coil-collated, or weld-wire-collated. It produces more debris that you need to clean after work. On the other hand, the clipped head nailers are paper collated.


The round head nailers are best for professional work. On the other hand, the clipped head nailers are best for DIY enthusiasts and homeowners.

Final Verdict

The differences between the clipped head nailers and the round head nailer are not much. I have tried to add all the necessary information that one should know to purchase a nailer. This information will help you to make the right decision.

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