Craftsman SpeedShot Not Working

If your Craftsman SpeedShot brad nailer is not working then the chances are, broken parts, exhaust blocked, weary trigger, dirt buildup, jams, or any other issue. You have to identify the main reason first and solve the problem accordingly.

Craftsman Speedshot Not Working

Craftsman SpeedShot Not Working 

On the assumption that your Craftsman SpeedShot is not functioning properly, you have to find out the exact reason behind that causing the malfunctioning first. Taking any action without pinpointing the reasons will cause more damage to the nailer and the workpieces as well as injure anyone nearby.

But there are many reasons why your SpeedShot is not working. You will get ideas of the reasons, how to identify them, what causes them and how to prevent or take action from this section. Don’t just glance over cause all the reasons are crucial.

Different Nails

Not all nails are supported by every nailer. A nail gun works with only one size of nails with specific lengths. If you put 15 gauge nails on your SpeedShot brad nailer, it won’t fire the nails. Also if you put a brad nail with a length that is not supported by the nailer, it won’t work with the pin. Check the size beforehand.


Jams in the tool cause your nailer to not fire nails. You have to clear the jams to make your SpeedShot work again. To clear the jams, first, unscrew the nose bolts to open the nose. Then clear the jam through the nose and push the driver blade back to its position. After that close the nose and screw the bolts tightly.

Dirt Build Up 

Build-up dirt inside the nailer can lead to malfunction or not working at all. Always wipe the nail gun with a clean soft cloth. Remove the air filler every few days and clean it too. Also, try blowing air inside your nailer to remove any dust particles.

Weary or Rusted Parts

Parts of your nail gun can get broken, corroded, or rusted for not lubricating often or not using for a long time. It can lead lead to the malfunction of your nailer. You have to change those weary parts of your nail gun to make it work again. And to prevent this to happen, always lubricate your nailer regularly.

Air Leak

When you pull the trigger, if the nail gun just blows air but does not shoot nails, that means air leaking through the pneumatic nailer. Air can leak from many places such as the exhaust vent at the head, hose, trigger, or nose. Seal the places if possible or replace the damaged part to make your nailer workable.

Strange Noises

If your nailer is making strange noises, the reason might be the fan is hitting something or a motor problem. Dirt build-up can also cause strange noises. Check if any part is hitting the fan, or the motor is okay, change if necessary.

Other Reasons

Excluding the previous reason, there are much more issues your nail gun can face. For example, bent driver blade, power lack, damaged valve, piston, or any other parts.

Nail Gun Nails Not Going All the Way In  

In case nails from your nail guns are not going all the way in the materials, the reason is nailer isn’t shooting it with the required force. For an air nailer, air leaks from the trigger cause loss in air pressure, and shooting power decreases. 

For an electric nailer, low voltage causes low-speed shooting, and in a battery-powered nailer, shooting force depends on the charge.

Hitachi Nail Gun Troubleshooting

Hitachi offers a variety of nail guns and they work the same way as other brand’s nailers. As the function is similar, the troubleshooting types and causes are the same too. Just follow the instructions given in this article, your Hitachi nailer will shine.

Why Does My Nail Gun Double Shot?

Firing two nails after pulling the trigger a single time is extremely dangerous. If the trigger is worn out, it can lead the nailer to double shoot. If the nailer is set to trigger fire, O rings in the trigger bulbs need to be changed. And also if the gun is set to bump fire and double firing pins, change the trigger valve immediately.

Are Craftsman Nail Guns Any Good?

Craftsman is one of the leading brands for machinery and tools. The nail guns they manufacture are equipped with top-quality materials and parts and those tools operate excellently. Around 83% of customers were fully satisfied with the nailers and rated 5 stars! Don’t hesitate to place confidence in the Craftsman nail guns!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much air pressure is needed for a nail gun?

Different types of nail guns require different air pressure to operate. Framing nailers are most demanding in terms of air pressure of 100-130 psi since they deal with larger sizes of nails. A finish nailer, on the other hand, requires 60-120 psi. A brad nailer and pin nailer can be operated with less than 100 psi.

2. How do I take care of my nailer?

You need to do a couple of things regularly to take care of your nail gun perfectly. Clean the feed system, lubricate the air fitting, tighten bolts, store safely and always give it time to cool down when you are working continuously. Following these things will help your nailer live longer.

3. Do Craftsman nail guns need oil?

Yes, not only the Craftsman, you need to oil any kind of nailer daily if you are using them daily. A nail gun needs lubrication to function properly. The integrated O-rings in the tool will dry up and make the nailer malfunctioning by causing wear and corrosion in the components. Always oil before working with your nailer.

4. How fast does a nail gun shoot?

Nail guns can’t shoot very fast and very far. The fastest velocity recorded for a nail gun is 134 feet per second with a 2-3/8 inch nail. The first shot in a series is the most powerful and fast because, in a pneumatic nailer, the velocity decreases with each consecutive shot.

Ending Statement

No matter what is the reason behind the failure of your nailer, you can prevent all the reasons by taking precautions. If you are not experienced, contact customer care or please take the nailer to a Service Center. Take care of your tools well, and they will take care of your projects as well!

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