How Does a Brad Nailer Work?

Brad nailers use 18 gauge nails to fasten objects together. There are two types of brad nailers – electric brad nailer and pneumatic brad nailer.

The electric brad nailers are run by the power of electricity and the pneumatic brad nailers are run by the power of air compressors. Electric brad nailers are available in two types – one is cordless and the other is corded.

The cordless electric brad nailers are run by the power of the battery. Lithium-ion batteries are used in electric brad nailers. On the other hand, the corded brad nailers use an electric cord that needs to plug into the electric outlet.

In this article, we will discuss both the working mechanism of the electric brad nailer and the pneumatic brad nailer.

How Does a Brad Nailer Work

How Does an Electric Brad Nailer Work?

An electric brad nailer is a spring-loaded device with electromagnetic design. It includes two rotating axles. These axles rotate by the power of the motor. A grooved disk is attached with one axle and a gear train with the other axles.

When the device is powered by the electricity one axle moves the grooved disk and the other axle moves the gear train. There is a cam in the device which is turned by this process. The cam gives pressure on a lever when the user pulls the trigger of the nail.

A hammer is pushed against this and as a consequence, a pair of spring is compressed. When the axle is turned, this releases, and the nail is fired from the nailer.

When the electric current passes a magnetic field is created around a wire. This system is called the solenoid system. There is a sliding hammer that works as a piston. When the magnetic force is applied the piston is driven against a blade and the nails get fired from the nailer.

How Electric Brad Nailer Work?

How does a Pneumatic Brad Nailer Work?

Since a pneumatic nailer works by the power of compressed air there must be a source of compressed air. The nailer is attached to the source of compressed air with an air hose.

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There is a solenoid with a piston that slides down to exert nail from the gun when the trigger is pressed. When the trigger is released pressure rises back until the piston is reset and becomes ready for firing nails again.

How does a Pneumatic Brad Nailer Work

Final Thought

Pneumatic brad nailers are stronger and faster than the electric brad nailer because the air pressure built by the compressed air is very strong. So, pneumatic brad nailers are the first choices for professional nail gun users.

The electric brad nailers are easy to transport from one place to another but the pneumatic brad nailers are bulkier due to the weight of the source of compressed air.

The maintenance, as well as troubleshooting of pneumatic brad nailers, are easier than the electric brad nailers.

Now, what kind of brad nailer you will choose for your project depends on your budget, your required work efficiency, and personal choice. You can check the best brad nailer review to choose the right tool for your project.

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