Hitachi Nail Gun Troubleshooting (Roofing, Framing, Finish and Brad Nailer)

You may face some unwanted problems while using a Hitachi nail gun. But not all of them are severe, so you can solve a few on your own. If your nailer skips nails, leaks air, or is slow to cycle, then probably you are not out of luck yet. If you want more in-depth knowledge about Hitachi nail gun troubleshooting, that is what exactly I tried to convey through this article.

Hitachi Nail Gun Troubleshooting

Hitachi Nail Gun Troubleshooting

Not all nail guns from Hitachi incur the same problems on the job site. For convenience and better understanding, let’s take it one at a time. 

Hitachi Roofing Nailer Troubleshooting

I will discuss the Hitachi roofing nailer first, as it is probably their most beloved listing to date.

Nailer won’t Drive Any Nail

If your nailer operates but does not drive any nails, here are some solutions. 

  • Inspect whether the feeding function is operating smoothly or not.
  • Clean any nail jam and lubricate your tool for conducting smoothly.
  • Most of all, don’t forget to choose suitable nails for your nailer.

Hitachi Nailer Drive Nails Deeply

If your Hitachi roofing nailer thrusts the nails too profoundly onto the surface, you may follow the instruction below.

  • Excessive air pressure might be pushing the nails too deep. Reduce the air pressure from your compressor to drive nails more accurately. 
  • If you do not adjust the nail depth accordingly, it can cause the nails to get driven either too deeply or too mildly. So, pay attention to the depth of drive adjustment.

Hitachi Roofing Nailer is Slow to Cycle

Sometimes you may observe that your nailer is not working sharply and taking too much time to operate.

  • If air pressure is lower than the required pressure, increase air pressure but not beyond 120 psi.
  • If the O-ring is worn or damaged somehow, replace the O-ring.
  • The problem may occur from a lack of lubrication. Hence, lubricate the tool for better consequences. 
  • If the driver blade is damaged, replace it as soon as possible.

Hitachi Roofing Nailer Leaks Air

If your nailer leaks air, find out the problems immediately and take steps right away. 

  • If air leaks through a worn-out O-ring or damaged seal, replace the O-ring and repair the seal.
  • Check the trigger valve and replace the entire machine if necessary.
  • There may remain some gaps while you reassemble the nailer parts. Seal the gaps if necessary.

Replace Damaged O-Ring

Hitachi Cordless Framing Nailer Problems

Most of the solutions for Hitachi roofing nailers are almost identical to that of Hitachi framing nailers. So, I will skip the common ones and apprise you about the other troubleshooting ideas for the Hitachi framing nailer.

Hitachi Framing Nailer Skips Nails

If your nailer pops out air but skips nails, follow the instructions below.

  • Load compatible nails for your nailer.
  • Purify and lubricate the nail feeder or replace the feeder if required. 
  • Alter ribbon spring and piston o-ring if necessary.

Replace Piston

Hitachi Framing Nailer Keeps Jamming

Your nailer may get jammed sometimes. Check out the reasons and take proper steps to avoid such problems. To get rid of the jamming problem, feed correct nails with compatible sizing. And if there is anything wrong with the driver blade, go ahead and change it.

Hitachi nt65gs Finish Nailer Problem

If you face any problem while using the nt65gs finish nailer, follow the following instructions. 

Push lever not operating smoothly

If your nt65gs nailer is not operating smoothly, chances are the push lever got bent somehow. You will have to replace it for a smoother operation. Besides, try to clean and remove the lever’s moving track if the push lever gets lodged with debris.

Hitachi nt65gs Operation is Unstable

If the motor is working, yet the tool doesn’t drive any nails, these are the possible scenarios.

  • If the piston is not returning properly, push the tool’s piston lever in all the way.
  • In case the temperature is too low, warm up the fuel cell to under 50℃/120℉.
  • If the filter is clogged in some way, clean it according to the manual.
  • When the spark wire is worn, replace it with a new one.

Fan Does Not Work

Even if pressing the push lever cannot move the fan, try these hacks.

  • If the light indicator shows green, replace the battery.
  • When the battery shows red light, charge it with an appropriate charger.
  • If the battery won’t charge, inspect the cord and replace it if necessary.

Hitachi Brad Nailer Troubleshooting

The Hitachi brad nailer also has the same troubleshooting as the other Hitachi nail guns have. When the nailer lacks lubrication, apply lube to that part of the nailer. Furthermore, clean the clogged portion and make sure every piece has proper sealing.

Hitachi Nail Gun Other Problems

Here are some additional troubleshooting ideas. 

Hitachi Nail Gun Piston not Returning

This one is a rare event, although not impossible to encounter.

  • If the trigger valve is not cycling accurately, replace the entire trigger valve.
  • When the lower bumper is worn somehow, replace it immediately.
  • Tighten the O-ring whenever it loosens.
  • There is a rubber-shaped ring around the cylinder known as an exhaust valve. If it is somehow worn, damaged, or missing, remove and replace it as soon as possible.

Hitachi Nail Gun Double Fires

If your nail gun double fires, perhaps you picked up the wrong nails. Insert nails with correct gauge measurements. You can also try bouncing the nailer off the work surface rather than leaning on it. It might help avoid the second contact. 

Hitachi Nail Gun Misfires

If your nail gun is misfiring, ensure that the nails are compatible with the nailer and lubricate the piston perfectly. Otherwise, it may cause misfiring or not fire at all. Since dirt causes misfiring, cleaning the piston can solve it. Investigate if each part got tightened well. If necessary, grab your hand tools and tighten them.

Clean Dust from Nail Gun

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Frequently Asked Question

How do you maintain a nail gun?

Dust, debris, and other materials may damage or clog the nail gun. To prevent damaging or lodging the nail gun, clean every part regularly. After every use, wipe down the tool with a clean rag. Furthermore, if you use this tool daily, remove the air filter and clean it properly once a week. 

What happens if you do not lubricate your nail gun?

If you use your tool daily, lubricate it before every use. Oil will coat and protect every component. While using it irregularly, the oil will pop out through the exhaust, which causes the O-ring to become dry. On the other hand, if the operator lubes the tool only at the time of use, it enhances friction and lessens working capacity. 


To keep the common problems away, clean your nailer properly and lubricate it regularly. In addition, be aware of whether this tool is finely charged or not. And if you find any worn or damaged part while inspecting, replace that part immediately.

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