Narrow Vs Wide Crown Stapler

Crown staplers, also known as construction staplers have several variations. They are also called the upholstery stapler as they are used for upholstering projects like fastening different materials to wood.

Crown staplers are similar to nail guns but instead of nails or pins they use two-pronged metal staples to join two pieces of materials together.

Based on the crown type the crown staplers are categorized into 3 divisions, narrow crown stapler, medium crown stapler, and the wide crown stapler. Our today’s subjects of discussion are narrow and wide crown stapler.

Narrow Vs Wide Crown Stapler

Narrow Crown Stapler

Narrow crown means the width of the stapler is narrow. This type of stapler is more suitable for delicate applications, like finish and trim applications.

Since the crown is narrow, narrow crown staplers are not so noticeable when penetrated through the surface. To make the cabinet and drawer, fascia and soffits narrow crown staplers are widely used.

Narrow Crown Stapler

Wide Crown Stapler

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Wide crown staplers are wider than the narrow crown staplers. Since these are larger these are suitable for heavy-duty applications, like truss building, house wrap, roofing, furniture frames, cabinet frames, and carton-to-skid attachment in packaging.

Wide crown staplers may affect the aesthetic of the object but they have the more supporting capability. So, if your major concern is supporting-capability rather than the aesthetic you can go for the wide crown stapler.

Wide Crown Stapler

Final Thought

Narrow crown staplers have a clear difference in appearance and performance with the wide crown staplers. So, it is not wise to interchange the narrow and wide crown staplers.

If you need something between these two then you can go for the medium crown stapler. Staplers are useless without staples so I would like to share some basic information about the staples too.

Staples are categorized based on the gauge range. Gauge means the thickness of the staple. The gauge of crown staples ranges from 15 gauge to 22 gauge.

Depending on the range of gauge the crown staples are categorized as fine wire, medium wire, and heavy wire crown staplers. The higher the gauge number means the thinner the stapler.

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