Angled Vs Straight Finish Nailer

Two types of finish nailers are available in both angled and straight nailers. Those are finishing nailers and framing nailers. So, if you are in the market of finished or framing nailers you have to face the problem of choosing the right one between angled and straight nailers for your project.

We have picked the finish nailers as a subject of our discussion. So, today we will discuss the features, advantages, and disadvantages of the angled and straight finish nailer.

Both the nailers serve the same purpose but they are different in shape which provides you some extra benefit and also causes some problems too.

Angled Vs Straight Finish Nailer

Angled vs Straight Finish Nailer Comparison Chart

Features Angled NailerStraight Nailer
Magzine DesignUsually 34 or 25 degrees angled magazine.Regular straight magazine. 
Nail Gauge Uses 15 gauge nails.16 or 16G gauge nails.
Functional BenefitsCan reach unusual corners and locations.Straight nail shot on an open surface.
Price RangeExpensive than regular nailer.Less expensive as there is no curved angle edge nailing. 

Angled Finish Nailer

The magazine of angled finish nailer is angled and narrow. If you are working in a tight space where it is difficult to fit the straight finish nailer angled finish nailer will simplify your job.

In the angled finish nailers 15g finish nailers are used. The 15g finish nailers have a higher diameter and excellent holding power which made it perfect to hold the tight spaces very strongly.

The angled finish nailers are lightweight which made these nailers easily portable. You can also handle it easily because of its lightweight.

The angled finish nailers cannot give support to builders while driving a nail on the surface. Because of this in comfortability, the shooter may shoot nails incorrectly. Compared to the straight finish nailers the angled finish nailers are expensive. If you have a good budget you can afford this nailer.

Angled Finish Nailer

Straight Finish Nailer

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The magazine for a straight finish nailer is placed straightly and so its name is straight finish nailer. Generally, 16 gauge nailers are used in straight finish nailers. If you have the basic concept about nailers then you know that a higher gauge number means thinner diameter.

Since 16 gauge nailers are used in straight finish nailers they leave tiny holes that are hardly noticeable. Because of the straight design of this nailer, it can give support to the builders so that any incorrect shooting of the nails can be avoided.

They are comparatively heavy. So handling the straight finish nailers is more difficult than the angled finish nailers.

If you are working in a spacious place the straight nailer is the best choice but if your working area is narrow then choosing a straight finish nailer is not the right choice.

Straight Finish Nailer

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use straight nails in an angled nailer?

No. Angled nailers, be it an angled brad nailer, or angle finish nailer, will use angled nails instead of straight ones. The setup of both straight vs angled finish nailer is different, though the nails are straight. Due to the setup of the machine, you have to use the right form of the nail to get the proper output from both devices. 

Straight or angled finish nailer which one is better?

Although both the straight nailer and angle finish nailer serve totally different purpose, the angled nailer uses angled nails instead of straight ones. The angle nail heads are bigger in diameter compared to straight nailer nails. And additionally, you can nail on those cramped corners where a straight nailer won’t fit. So overall, an angled finish nailer is the winner. 

What is the main difference between angled and straight finish nailers?

There are a few differences between an angled and straight finish nailer. While the angled nailer uses 15 gauge angled nails, the straight nailer uses 16 and 16G gauge nails. And angled nails are different in head diameter and their arrangement position in the nail gun than a straight nailer. Which makes it easy for the user to nail even the tightest corner with ease. 

Angled finish nails vs straight finish nails, what is the difference?

The main difference between an angled finish nail and a straight finish nail would be their arrangement position in the nailer. Also, angled finish nails have a bigger head diameter, which secures them more in the place you use them. The straight finish nails fail in just the head diameter. 

Final Words

Although the angled vs straight nailer debate can go on and on, you have to care about 5 factors while comparing between angled finish nailer and straight finish nailers. These 5 factors include design, weight, area of work, nail size and shape, budget.

If you go through this article and have a clear idea about the 5 factors I have mentioned, choosing the best finished nailer for your project will not be a big deal.

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