Coil Framing Nailer Vs Stick Nailer | Difference and Comparison

The framing nailers have many variations that bring confusion to the buyer’s mind. It is not possible to discuss all the confusing factors in one article. Today, we have picked the coil framing nailer vs the stick nailer.

This variation is done based on the difference in organizing the nails in the magazine. Because of this difference in the mechanical design of the tool, you will enjoy some benefits and also have to suffer some drawbacks. This information will help you to choose the framing nailer that will suit best to your project.


Coil Framing Nailer

The nails are arranged in a circular pattern in the magazine of a coil framing nailer. It is used in 15-degree framing nailers. The nail holding capacity of a coil framing nailer is very high. You can load 200 to 300 nails in the canister at a time which reduces the reloading time. By doing this, you can save significant time if you use a coil framing nail gun.

You can use two types of nails in a coil framing nail gun

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  1. Framing nails and
  2. Sheathing nails

It has a compact shape that allows you to use it in both spacious and tight spaces. The downside of a coil framing nail gun is that it is heavyweight as it can hold a lot of nails. It can cause fatigue to the user quickly.

Stick Framing Nailer

The nails are arranged straight like a stick in the magazine of a stick framing nail gun, so it is named as a stick framing nailer. You can use a variety of nails in a stick framing nail gun. Generally, the stick framing nailers are designed to accommodate the following types of nails –

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  1. Full round-headed nails
  2. Offset nails
  3. Clipped headed nails

The 21-degree, 28-degree, and 30-34-degree framing nail guns generally use the stick-framed magazine. The angle and collation style are the two most important factors to be taken care of.

You will have a pair of magazines with a holding capacity of 25-40 nails. So, during working, you will have to reload frequently which will disturb the continuity and cause quick fatigue.

Key Differences: Coil Vs Stick Nailer

Nail Loading

 To arrange the nails in the coil nailer in a circular arrangement a canister is used because it is round in shape and allows to arrange the nails circularly. It is designed to fire the nails rapidly and lessens the risk of nail jamming.

One stick nailer includes two magazines that use nail strips to hold the nails. Since one nailer includes two magazines it is quite heavy.

Nail Holding Capacity

The coil framing nail guns can hold 200 to 300 nails whereas the stick framing nails can hold 25-40 nails. If you are working on a big project then using a coil framing nail gun is better than the stick framing nail gun. I already have discussed the reason, so here I am not repeating the same thing. 

Weight of the Nail Gun

Since the coil framing nail gun can hold a lot of nails compared to the stick framing nail gun, the total weight of a fully-loaded coil framing nailer is more than the loaded stick framing nailer.

Nail Jamming

The nail jamming causes distraction to your work. Stick nailers are more prone to jamming than coil nailers.

Angle Variation

The coil nailer does not have angle variation like the stick nailer. You will find the coil nailer at a 15-degree to 17- degree angle whereas the stick nailers are available in 21-degree, 28-degree, and 30 to 34-degree.


The coil nailer is more reasonable than the stick nailer.

Which one to Choose – Stick Nailer or Coil Nailer?

It depends on the size of your project and yes on your personal preference too. If you are working on a big project then purchasing the coil nailer is a wise decision. But if you are working on a small or medium-size project then you can go for the stick nailer.

The stick nailer has more angle variation compared to the coil nailer. If you need to maintain a certain angle other than a 15-degree or 17-degree angle then you must have to go for the stick nailer.

You can use only fully round-headed nails but the stick nailers give you more flexibility in this case. I already have mentioned the type of nails you can use in a stick nailer.

Final Verdict

You have to follow the local building codes to choose the nails which limits the variation of nail guns you can choose from because each nail gun allows only certain types of nails to be loaded.  If you need to work overhead then it is better to use stick nailers rather than coil nailers because coil nailers are heavier which will lead to fatigue quickly.

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